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Mystery Chillum 2″-5″


Luck consists of both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. In the mainstream people usually link luck with favorable outcomes. In many cultures they have a deity that controls luck which is also related to many superstitions.

Our mystery chillum is exactly what the name applies. You never know what you will get, but if you believe you are having a great day. Why not try our mystery chillum.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Why not try your luck with Mystery Box?

Why go through the hassle of choosing something or if you can’t choose which chillum to get?

Try Your Luck Today!

Don’t Miss Out On This Great Adventure. Only If You Are Adventurous of Course. So Are You? I am sure you are!


No Requests.

Because it is handmade size and color may vary.

This chillum is made in varies color and size. There will be some uniqueness in every chillum and it will be different even though the same material is used.

This product is handmade. Due to everybody being unique please excuse any small differences.

Whats in the packaging: All packaging will be in a discreet brown box. The pipes will be wrapped in a bubble wrap and stuffed with peanut or paper in order to keep the pipe from moving too much.

Thank you so much for shopping with us. Thank you for supporting us. Please leave a positive review if you like what we have.

Please send us message if you have any type of questions or problems.

Weight4 oz
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